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How to Pick the Right Domain Name

October 10, 2013
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Previously, we learned What is A Domain Name, so now that we know that we can move on to actually picking the one that will be right for your business. Here I will teach you how to pick a domain that is most relevant to your business and will help get more visitors to your website. Remember, these are general guidelines and not the set rules. You can get as creative as you wish, if you think it will be better for you.

Get a .com

The .com TLD (top-level domain) is by far the most widely used extension for a domain name. Think about it, when you think of a website you always think .com. It’s the Kleenex of TLDs. The same goes when you tell someone your website address, in most cases they are going to think “name/business” so try to stick with a .com if you can.

It is also a good idea to never buy a different TLD if your first choice is already taken with .com. For instance, if is taken don’t get because most likely you are just gonna drive traffic to the .com site because again, most people will remember .com and will type that instead of your .net.

If your business is outside of the United States, it is recommended to use a local TLD (.uk for the United Kingdom, .au for Australia, .ca for Canada, .de for Germany, .cn for China, etc.). Again, make sure that the .com is not already taken first.

Shorter is Better

The shorter your domain name is, the easier it is for your visitors to remember, type and tell others about. Try using 6-10 consecutive characters.

Keep it Simple

Try to find a domain name that only has one possible spelling. Choosing a simple domain name without confusing spelling will make it easier for visitors to reach your website.

Avoid Hyphens

While it is acceptable to use, hyphens can really get lost in translation.

If is taken and you decide to order because it is available, much like .com vs. .net, you will most likely drive traffic to the instead of your site with the hyphen.

Consider Other Extensions

If you find the perfect domain name ending in .com, it’s a great idea to pick up other extensions (like .net, .org, .info, .us, etc.) as you can park these domains to point to your actual account to pick up any visitors that just may happen to type in a different extension.

In addition, it also helps protect your site in case you become the next big internet sensation and someone tries to purchase another extension of your domain.

Keep it Singular

This follows the same reasoning applied for avoiding hyphens. If is taken and you pick, there is a good chance you will be sending your traffic to as most domains are singular rather than plural. (This is not so much the case when it comes to picking keyword rich domains.)


If someone owns a domain you want and you see it is not in use, run a WHOIS to find the owner and communicate your interest in obtaining the domain.

Make it Keyword Rich

While this does not significantly impact SEO, it can help. For instance, if people are searching for “Florida Web Designers,” could be a great domain to buy for the mere fact that it is exactly what people are searching for.

Consider Type-In-Traffic

This is applicable when someone navigates directly to a website by simply typing in what they are looking for followed by “.com” in their browser’s URL bar.

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip of choosing a keyword rich domain.

Avoid Numeral Substitutions

Numeral substitutions just really do not work. Tell someone your site is “” and you are guaranteed confusion.

Avoid Slang

This is for the same reason as avoiding numeral substitutes. For instance, is a bad substitute for

Make it Brand-able

In the early days of the internet, no one knew what Google, Yahoo! or Facebook was going to be. But now they do, and those domains are highly brandable. It does not hurt to get creative with your domain name in anticipation of future branding.

Avoid Copyright Issues

This is just common sense really. If you go for a domain named “,” let’s just say Pepsi will be coming after you.

Use a Thesaurus

Look for alternative words if something you want is already taken. This is a great way to come up with a creative name; however, make sure your alternative word is something that can be remembered and spelled properly.

Industry Relation

Industry-related domains are best suited for online sources or communities. If you cannot find a domain to match your actual business name, this is a second option.


Take your time and put some real thought into it. If you have a business partner or someone you closely trust, work together to brainstorm a name. In most cases, you will already have a name if your site is going to be business related.

If you need help picking the right domain please Contact Us.  We at Harvest Web Design in Melbourne Florida are ready to get you started right.


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